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Billede information:
Fugleart: Kaspisk Måge - (Larus cachinnans) - Caspian Gull
Fugleart (IOC): Kaspisk Måge (Larus cachinnans) Caspian Gull - species factsheet
Stemme: Stemmer findes her (eksternt link).
Titel / info: The Stochholm gull
Lokalitet: Strömmen, Stockholm, Sverige
Dato: 4. september 2009
Billede info: This bird has been lively discussed, and still is, as to what species/race it is.

The has been suggested:

caspian gull ssp cachinnans (although a dark variant thereof).

caspian gull ssp barabensis

lesser black-backed gull ssp heuglini/graellsii although a light variant thereof).
Billede opsætning: Canon EOS 1D Mk III 500/4 IS USM
Fotograf: Tomas Lundquist, Sverige
Uploadet den: 8. september 2009
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Tomas Lundquist skriver tirsdag 8. september 2009 kl. 16.37
Just a short comment: it has been proposed that this bird potentially could be of the form barabensis. As to which species this form belongs is not fully established.

Jan Jörgensen skriver onsdag 23. september 2009 kl. 10.40
Just for the record, Hannu Koskinen's thoughts(forwarded by Alan Dalton who told me that Derek Charles (Alan's birding mate)had been in contact with HK regarding this gull. Hope Hannu doesn´t mind.

Hannu's thoughts on the bird below for interest;

I think it is a good example of mystery Gull from Russia. Not a cach (too dark grey, prims wrong, primary moult too slow etc.).
Here start the guessing part: i think this bird might originate from Ivanovo district. An area where argentatus, cachinnans, heuglini and in lesser numbers barabensis and fuscus breed in same areas. Hybrids occur. In my opinion the moult score of this mystery bird fits better to pale LBBG (in this case heuglini/barabensis). Heu x cac possibly. Very hard text and to say this, because clear evidence about this kinf of hybridsizing is almost totally lacking in the litterature. Greg Neubauer et al have ringed birds there now in 2 summers, but all we know is that strange Gulls do strange things there. One of those ringed juvs last summer did the journey to Catalonia, Spain (like you remember the discussion in Scotland?). Huge range, never possible to any argentatus, but possible for a some kind of (pale) LBBG form. or hybrid.


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