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Hairy Woodpecker (Leuconotopicus villosus)

Order: Leuconotopicus villosus
Family: Woodpeckers (Picidae)

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Subspecies and Distribution
Subspecie Distribution
septentrionalis w North America from s Alaska to Ontario (Canada) to New Mexico (USA)
picoideus Queen Charlotte Is. (off British Columbia, Canada)
harrisi se Alaska to n California (USA)
terraenovae Newfoundland (Canada)
villosus se Canada, nc and ne USA
orius sc British Columbia (Canada) to se California and sw Utah (USA)
monticola c British Colombia (Canada) to n New Mexico (USA)
leucothorectis se California to w Texas (USA)
audubonii se USA
hyloscopus w and s California (USA), n Baja California (Mexico)
icastus se Arizona, sw New Mexico (USA) to w Mexico
intermedius e Mexico
jardinii sc and ec Mexico
sanctorum se Mexico to nw Nicaragua
extimus nc Costa Rica to w Panama
piger n Bahamas
maynardi s Bahamas