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Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpecker (Yungipicus canicapillus)

Order: Yungipicus canicapillus
Family: Woodpeckers (Picidae)

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Subspecies and Distribution
Subspecie Distribution
doerriesi se Siberia, Manchuria (ne China) and Korea
scintilliceps e China
kaleensis c, wc, s China, Taiwan
swinhoei Hainan I. (off s China)
mitchellii n Pakistan and nw India to Nepal
semicoronatus e Nepal to ne India
canicapillus Bangladesh and ne India through s Myanmar to Thailand and Laos
delacouri se Thailand, Cambodia and s Vietnam
auritus sw Thailand and the Malay Pen.
volzi Sumatra and the Riau Arch.
aurantiiventris Borneo