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Red-crowned Ant Tanager (Habia rubica)

Order: Habia rubica
Family: Cardinals & Allies (Cardinalidae)

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Subspecies and Distribution
Subspecie Distribution
holobrunnea e Mexico
rosea sw Mexico
affinis s Oaxaca (s Mexico)
nelsoni Yucatán Pen. (se Mexico)
rubicoides sc and s Mexico to Honduras and El Salvador
vinacea w Costa Rica and Panama
alfaroana nw Costa Rica
perijana n Colombia and nw Venezuela
coccinea nc Colombia and w Venezuela
crissalis ne Venezuela
rubra Trinidad
mesopotamia e Venezuela
rhodinolaema e Colombia, e Ecuador, ne Peru and nw Brazil
peruviana e Peru, w Brazil and n Bolivia
hesterna c Brazil
bahiae e Brazil
rubica e Paraguay, se Brazil and ne Argentina