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European Greenfinch (Chloris chloris)

Order: Chloris chloris
Family: Finches, Euphonias (Fringillidae)

Danske navn: Grønirisk

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Subspecies and Distribution
Subspecie Distribution
harrisoni Britain (except n Scotland) and Ireland
chloris n Scotland, n and c France and Norway to w Siberia
muehlei Serbia and Montenegro to Moldovia, Bulgaria and Greece
aurantiiventris s Spain through s Europe to w Greece
madaraszi Corsica and Sardinia
vanmarli nw Spain, Portugal and nw Morocco
voousi c Morocco and n Algeria
chlorotica sc Turkey to ne Egypt
bilkevitchi s Ukraine, the Caucasus and ne Turkey to n Iran and sw Turkmenistan
turkestanica s Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan and c Tajikistan