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Welcome to Rankings at Netfugl.dk
This section of Netfugl.dk offers you the opportunity to see some of the "tickable" lists for especially Danish birders. To join the lists you have to become a member of Netfugl.dk (no obligations at all). To become a member click here!. All lists are entirely based on the members own online updating.

The list with Danish birders Danish ticks is called DK ranking and is the most comprehensive and up to date Danish ranking list on the Internet with 1429 members so far. Apart from the DK ranking there is a WP Ranking, a False WP Ranking, a World Ranking etc. A complete list over all the different rankings at Netfugl.dk can be seen in the menu under All rankings!.

Denmark is a relatively small country with approximately 12.000 bird watchers, and less than 200 birders twitch regularly. The DK List Ranking contains some of these twitchers, though not everybody wants to participate and go public with their list. Fortunately the list also contains many bird watchers that do not twitch at all or only do it in a moderate way, indicating that the DK Rankign at Netfugl.dk is for all and not only the twitchers.

If you do have any questions about the lists or the website in general you are more than welcome to contact the webmasters at netfugl@netfugl.dk and we will write back as quickly as possible.

You can find links to all the rankings at the menu to the left.

Latest 10 new DK ticks
The list bellow shows the latest 10 new DK ticks ticked by members of Netfugl.dk. The latest 100 ticks can be found in the menu under Latest 100 DK ticks.

Name, City: #X: Lastest new tick: Date: Location: Map:
Jesper Johannes Madsen, København V353Saker Falcon18-08-18Ballum Forland
Lars Tom-Petersen, Randers NV356Pacific Loon18-08-18Grenen
Jan Hjort Christensen, Gilleleje394Pacific Loon18-08-18Grenen, Skagen
Anders Drejer, Lynge354Saker Falcon18-08-18Ballum Sluse
Anders Drejer, Lynge353Pacific Loon18-08-18Grenen, Skagen
Morten Drejer, Lillerød355Saker Falcon18-08-18Ballum Sluse
Morten Drejer, Lillerød354Pacific Loon18-08-18Grenen, Skagen
Anders Espenhain Sørensen, Herlev375Saker Falcon18-08-18Ballum
Anders Espenhain Sørensen, Herlev374Pacific Loon18-08-18Grenen
Tommy Kaae, Løsning352Pacific Loon18-08-18Grenen

Latest 10 new WP ticks
The list bellow shows the latest 10 new WP ticks ticked by members of Netfugl.dk. The latest 100 can be found in the menu under Latest 100 WP ticks.

Name: #X: Lastest new tick: Date: Location: Map:
Jens Wiberg478Pied Wheatear04-11-18Skansehage, Denmark
Lars Tom-Petersen476Pacific Loon18-08-18Grenen, Denmark
Anders Odd Wulff Nielsen529Bulwer's Petrel18-08-18Off Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, Spain
Tommy Kaae447Pacific Loon18-08-18Grenen, Denmark
Lene Smith458Pacific Loon18-08-18Grenen, Skagen, Denmark
Peder Nygaard Nielsen423Pacific Loon18-08-18Skagen, Denmark
Per Rasmussen498Pacific Loon18-08-18Grenen, Skagen, Denmark
Paul Nilsson632Pacific Loon18-08-18Grenen, Denmark
Anders Odd Wulff Nielsen528Canary Islands Chiffchaff17-08-18Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, Spain
Anders Odd Wulff Nielsen527Cory's Shearwater17-08-18Off Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, Spain

Latest 25 new WP ticks (+600)
The list bellow shows the latest 25 new WP ticks ticked by (+600) members of Netfugl.dk.

Name: #X: Lastest new tick: Date: Location: Map:
Paul Nilsson632Pacific Loon18-08-18Grenen, Denmark
Claus Brostrøm Nielsen623Pacific Loon15-08-18Skagen, Denmark
Sven Bødker632Pacific Loon15-08-18Grenen, Skagen, Denmark
Anders Hammergart655Pacific Loon14-08-18Skagen Sønderstrand, Denmark
Klaus Malling Olsen673Pacific Loon14-08-18Skagen, Denmark
Bjørn Frikke609Pacific Loon14-08-18Skagen, Denmark
Erik Vikkelsø Rasmussen629Pacific Loon14-08-18Skagen Sønderstrand, Denmark
Birthe Rasmussen614Pacific Loon14-08-18Skagen Sønderstrand, Denmark
Anders Søgaard650Pacific Loon14-08-18Grenen, Skagen, Denmark
Martin Thomsen641Pacific Loon14-08-18Skagen, Grenen, Denmark
Peter Hartoft-Jacobsen603Pacific Loon14-08-18Grenen, Skagen, Denmark
Lars Højmark Mortensen729Pacific Loon13-08-18Grenen, Denmark
JOSE MARIA FERNANDEZ ZAPATA616Broad-billed Sandpiper07-08-18Salinas de Carboneros. Chiclana. Cádiz, Spain
Birthe Rasmussen613Bonaparte's Gull07-08-18Thorsminde Havn, Denmark
Peter Stronach757Pacific Golden Plover05-08-18Findhorn Bay, Moray, Scotland
Patric Lorgé603Bonaparte's Gull05-08-18Oare Marshes, England
Matthias Schoebinger643Bonaparte's Gull05-08-18Thorsminde, Denmark
Jan Hjort Christensen611Bonaparte's Gull03-08-18Thorsminde, Denmark
Paul Nilsson631Bonaparte's Gull03-08-18Thorsminde havn, Denmark
Patric Lorgé602European Shag02-08-18France
Patric Lorgé601Manx Shearwater01-08-18Newquay, England
Daniel Mauras805Nanday Parakeet30-07-18Tenerife, Las Americas, Spain
Peter Hartoft-Jacobsen602Bonaparte's Gull27-07-18Thorsminde Havn, Denmark
Erik Vikkelsø Rasmussen628Canary Islands Chiffchaff26-07-18Las lajas, tenerife, Spain
Erik Vikkelsø Rasmussen627Laurel Pigeon26-07-18Erjos, tenerife, Spain

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