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Zbigniew Kajzer - updated: 30-01-2019

The list below contains all species recorded in WP and thereby all the 'tickable' species.

The species seen by Zbigniew Kajzer are indicated in two ways. In the left side of the list there will be an 'X' and the name of the species will be written in black. Species not seen will be written in grey. It is possible for all species to see information about the first time the birder saw the specific species if of cause the birder have been given any.

A chronological list of Zbigniew Kajzer's WP ticks can be seen by clicking here: Chronological list of the WP ticks.

part one: Ostrich - Grey Phalarope

#RareEnglish nameCountryLocationDateMap
1* Common Ostrich   
2Red-throated Loon   
3Black-throated Loon   
4* Pacific Loon   
5Great Northern Loon   
6Yellow-billed LoonPoland Baltic Sea 09-04-2018
7*Pied-billed GrebeAzores Lagoa Azul, Sao Miguel 17-10-2014
8Little Grebe   
9Great Crested Grebe   
10Red-necked Grebe   
11Horned Grebe   
12Black-necked Grebe   
13* Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross   
14* Black-browed Albatross   
15* Shy Albatross   
16* Tristan Albatross   
17* Southern Giant Petrel   
18Northern Fulmar   
19* Cape Petrel   
20 Fea's Petrel   
21*Zino's PetrelPortugal Pico do Areeiro, Madeira 11-08-2014
22*Desertas PetrelPortugal Madeira 08-08-2014
23* Soft-plumaged Petrel   
24* Bermuda Petrel   
25* Black-capped Petrel   
26* Atlantic Petrel   
27* Trindade Petrel   
28Bulwer's PetrelPortugal Sao Vicente, Madeira 07-08-2014
29* Jouanin's Petrel   
30Scopoli's Shearwater   
31Cory's Shearwater   
32 Cape Verde Shearwater   
33* Streaked Shearwater   
34* Flesh-footed Shearwater   
35Great ShearwaterAzores Corvo 23-10-2016
36Sooty ShearwaterAzores Corvo 19-10-2016
37Manx Shearwater   
38Balearic Shearwater   
39Yelkouan Shearwater   
40 Barolo Shearwater   
41* Boyd's Shearwater   
42* Persian Shearwater   
43* Tropical Shearwater   
44* Wilson's Storm Petrel   
45 White-faced Storm Petrel   
46* Black-bellied Storm Petrel   
47 European Storm Petrel   
48Leach's Storm Petrel   
49* Swinhoe's Storm Petrel   
50* Cape Verde Storm Petrel   
51 Band-rumped Storm Petrel   
52* Monteiro's Storm-petrel   
53 Red-billed Tropicbird   
54* White-tailed Tropicbird   
55* Red-footed Booby   
56* Masked Booby   
57 Brown Booby   
58Northern Gannet   
59* Cape Gannet   
60Great Cormorant   
61* White-breasted Cormorant   
62* Double-crested Cormorant   
63European Shag   
64* Socotra Cormorant   
65Pygmy Cormorant   
66* Reed Cormorant   
67* African Darter   
68Great White Pelican   
69Dalmatian Pelican   
70 Pink-backed Pelican   
71* Ascension Frigatebird   
72* Magnificent Frigatebird   
73* Lesser Frigatebird   
74Eurasian Bittern   
75* American Bittern   
76* Least Bittern   
77Little Bittern   
78* Yellow Bittern   
79* Von Schrenck's Bittern   
80* Dwarf Bittern   
81Black-crowned Night Heron   
82* Yellow-crowned Night-Heron   
83* Green Heron   
84Striated HeronEgypt Edfu 07-07-2013
85Squacco Heron   
86* Indian Pond Heron   
87* Chinese Pond Heron   
88Western Cattle Egret   
89* Eastern Cattle Egret   
90* Little Blue Heron   
91* Tricolored Heron   
92* Black Heron   
93*Snowy EgretAzores Santa Cruz das Flores, Flores 19-10-2016
94Western Reef HeronEgypt Hurghada 05-07-2013
95Little Egret   
96* Intermediate Egret   
97Great Egret   
98Grey Heron   
99* Great Blue Heron   
100* Black-headed Heron   
101Purple Heron   
102* Goliath Heron   
103 Yellow-billed Stork   
104* African Openbill   
105Black Stork   
106White Stork   
107* Marabou Stork   
108Glossy Ibis   
109Northern Bald Ibis   
110 African Sacred Ibis   
111Eurasian Spoonbill   
112Greater Flamingo   
113* Lesser Flamingo   
114* Fulvous Whistling Duck   
115* Lesser Whistling Duck   
116Mute Swan   
117 Black Swan   
118Tundra Swan   
119Whooper Swan   
120Tundra Bean Goose   
121Taiga Bean Goose   
122Pink-footed Goose   
123Greater White-fronted Goose   
124Lesser White-fronted Goose   
125Greylag Goose   
126* Snow Goose   
127* Ross's Goose   
128 Bar-headed Goose   
129Canada Goose   
130 Cackling Goose   
131Barnacle Goose   
132Brant Goose   
133Red-breasted Goose   
134Egyptian Goose   
135Ruddy Shelduck   
136Common Shelduck   
137* Muscovy Duck   
138* Spur-winged Goose   
139* Knob-billed Duck   
140* Cotton Pygmy Goose   
141* Wood Duck   
142Mandarin Duck   
143Eurasian Wigeon   
144American WigeonPoland Antoniny, Chodzierz 06-04-2016
145* Falcated Duck   
147* Baikal Teal   
148Eurasian Teal   
149Green-winged Teal   
150* Cape Teal   
152American Black Duck   
153Northern Pintail   
154* Red-billed Teal   
156Blue-winged TealAzores Corvo 22-10-2017
157* Cinnamon Teal   
158Northern Shoveler   
159Marbled Duck   
160Red-crested Pochard   
161Common Pochard   
162* Canvasback   
163* Southern Pochard   
164* Redhead   
165Ring-necked DuckPoland Olekszyn, Gniezno 14-04-2014
166Ferruginous Duck   
167Tufted Duck   
168Greater Scaup   
169 Lesser Scaup   
170Common Eider   
171King EiderPoland Sopot 06-03-2018
172* Spectacled Eider   
173Steller's Eider   
174 Harlequin Duck   
175Long-tailed Duck   
176Common Scoter   
177*Black ScoterPoland Miedzywodzie, Kamien Pomorski 19-10-2009
178Surf ScoterAzores Corvo 17-10-2017
179Velvet Scoter   
180*White-winged ScoterPoland Gdansk Stogi 04-03-2018
181* Bufflehead   
182 Barrow's Goldeneye   
183Common Goldeneye   
184* Hooded Merganser   
186Red-breasted Merganser   
187Common Merganser   
188Ruddy Duck   
189White-headed Duck   
190European Honey-buzzard   
191* Crested Honey Buzzard   
192* Swallow-tailed Kite   
193Black-winged Kite   
194Black Kite   
195*Yellow-billed KiteEgypt Nile Valley 12-07-2013
196Red Kite   
197* African Fish Eagle   
198* Pallas's Fish Eagle   
199White-tailed Eagle   
200* Bald Eagle   
201Bearded Vulture   
202Egyptian Vulture   
203* Hooded Vulture   
204* White-backed Vulture   
205Griffon Vulture   
206* Rüppell's Griffon   
207 Lappet-faced Vulture   
208Cinereous Vulture   
209Short-toed Snake Eagle   
210* Bateleur   
211Western Marsh Harrier   
212Hen Harrier   
213* Northern Harrier   
214Pallid Harrier   
215Montagu's Harrier   
216* Dark Chanting Goshawk   
217* Gabar Goshawk   
218Northern Goshawk   
219Eurasian Sparrowhawk   
220* Shikra   
221Levant SparrowhawkIsrael Eilat 20-04-2015
222Common Buzzard   
223* Cape Verde Buzzard   
224Long-legged Buzzard   
225Rough-legged Buzzard   
226Greater Spotted Eagle   
227Lesser Spotted Eagle   
228Booted Eagle   
229Golden Eagle   
230* Verreaux's Eagle   
231Bonelli's Eagle   
232* Wahlberg's Eagle   
233Steppe EagleIsrael Eilat 20-04-2015
234* Tawny Eagle   
235Eastern Imperial EagleIsrael Yotvata 22-02-2017
236Spanish Imperial Eagle   
237Western Osprey   
238Lesser Kestrel   
239Common Kestrel   
240* American Kestrel   
241Red-footed Falcon   
242* Amur Falcon   
244Eurasian Hobby   
245Eleonora's Falcon   
246Sooty FalconEgypt Hurghada 04-07-2013
247Lanner Falcon   
248Saker Falcon   
249 Gyrfalcon   
250Peregrine Falcon   
251Barbary FalconSpain Teno, Tenerife, Canary Islands 15-12-2014
252Hazel Grouse   
253 Willow Ptarmigan   
254 Rock Ptarmigan   
255Black Grouse   
256Caucasian Grouse   
257Western CapercailliePoland Beskid Zywiecki 13-08-2017
258* Caucasian Snowcock   
259Caspian Snowcock   
260Chukar Partridge   
261 Rock Partridge   
262Red-legged Partridge   
263Barbary Partridge   
264See-see Partridge   
265Sand PartridgeIsrael Eilat 20-04-2015
266Black Francolin   
267Double-spurred FrancolinMorocco Sidi Yahya 09-03-2016
268* Erckel's Francolin   
269Grey Partridge   
270Common Quail   
271 Reeves's Pheasant   
272Common Pheasant   
273 Golden Pheasant   
274 Lady Amherst's Pheasant   
275 Helmeted Guineafowl   
276* California Quail   
277* Northern Bobwhite   
278* Common Buttonquail   
279Water Rail   
280Spotted Crake   
281* Sora   
282Little Crake   
283 Baillon's Crake   
284* Striped Crake   
285Corn Crake   
286* African Crake   
287Common Moorhen   
288* Lesser Moorhen   
289* Allen's Gallinule   
290* Purple Gallinule   
291Western Swamphen   
292African Swamphen   
293 Grey-headed Swamphen   
294Eurasian Coot   
295* American Coot   
296Red-knobbed Coot   
297Common Crane   
298* Sandhill Crane   
299* Siberian Crane   
300Demoiselle CranePoland Grabownica, Milicz 13-08-2016
301Little Bustard   
302* Nubian Bustard   
303Houbara Bustard   
304Macqueen's BustardIsrael Nizzana area 19-04-2015
305* Arabian Bustard   
306Great Bustard   
307 Greater Painted Snipe   
308Eurasian Oystercatcher   
309 Canarian Oystercatcher   
310Black-winged Stilt   
311Pied Avocet   
312 Crab-plover   
313Eurasian Stone-curlew   
314Senegal Thick-kneeEgypt Luxor 06-07-2013
315* Egyptian Plover   
316Cream-coloured CourserIsrael Nizzana area 19-04-2015
317Collared Pratincole   
318* Oriental Pratincole   
319Black-winged PratincolePoland Szczodrzykowo, Poznan 09-08-2015
320Little Ringed Plover   
321Common Ringed Plover   
322*Semipalmated PloverAzores Corvo, Azores, Portugal 14-10-2013
323* Killdeer   
324 Kittlitz's Plover   
325* Three-banded Plover   
326Kentish Plover   
327 Lesser Sand Plover   
328Greater Sand PloverEgypt Hurghada 05-07-2013
329Caspian PloverPoland Laszka, Nowy Dwór Gdanski 10-08-2017
330* Oriental Plover   
331Eurasian Dotterel   
332Pacific Golden Plover   
333American Golden PloverAzores Corvo 12-10-2016
334European Golden Plover   
335Grey Plover   
336Spur-winged LapwingEgypt Luxor 07-07-2013
337* Black-headed Lapwing   
338*Red-wattled LapwingTurkey Idil, Cizre 27-05-2014
339* Grey-headed Lapwing   
340Sociable Lapwing   
341White-tailed LapwingPoland Żukowo, Poznań 09-05-2015
342Northern Lapwing   
343* Great Knot   
344Red Knot   
346Semipalmated Sandpiper   
347* Western Sandpiper   
348* Red-necked Stint   
349Little Stint   
350Temminck's Stint   
351* Long-toed Stint   
352Least SandpiperAzores Faja Grande, Flores 19-10-2016
353White-rumped SandpiperPoland Świnoujście, Szczecin Lagoon 04-07-2012
354 Baird's Sandpiper   
355Pectoral Sandpiper   
356 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper   
357Curlew Sandpiper   
358Purple Sandpiper   
360Broad-billed Sandpiper   
361* Stilt Sandpiper   
362Buff-breasted Sandpiper   
364Jack Snipe   
365Common Snipe   
366*Wilson's SnipeAzores Picnic Area, Fojo, Corvo 12-10-2014
367Great Snipe   
368* Pin-tailed Snipe   
369* Swinhoe's Snipe   
370*Short-billed DowitcherAzores Corvo 16-10-2016
371 Long-billed Dowitcher   
372Eurasian Woodcock   
373* American Woodcock   
374Black-tailed Godwit   
375* Hudsonian Godwit   
376Bar-tailed Godwit   
377* Little Curlew   
378* Eskimo Curlew   
380* Slender-billed Curlew   
381Eurasian Curlew   
382*Upland SandpiperAzores Corvo 15-10-2016
383Terek Sandpiper   
384Common Sandpiper   
385Spotted SandpiperAzores Corvo 13-10-2016
386Green Sandpiper   
387* Solitary Sandpiper   
388* Grey-tailed Tattler   
389Spotted Redshank   
390* Greater Yellowlegs   
391Common Greenshank   
392Lesser YellowlegsAzores Corvo, Azores, Portugal 16-10-2013
393Marsh Sandpiper   
394Wood Sandpiper   
395Common Redshank   
396*WilletAzores ETAR, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel 17-10-2014
397Ruddy Turnstone   
398 Wilson's Phalarope   
399Red-necked Phalarope   
400Red Phalarope   

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Zbigniew Kajzer have ticked 637 species at his WP list!

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