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New features in the WP list / ranking UPDATE

Artiklen er tilføjet af HKO søndag 19. juli 2009 kl. 12.00. Læst 2456 gange
As announced in this news bulletin in january Netfugl is in the process of making the wp ranking more fair and serious. We have now taken the next step by omitting all ticks that do not meet the criteria described in the later news bulletin from the wp ranking. Next step will be removal of non compliant ticks from the individual wp lists. But don´t worry this will not happen in the next few months so there should be sufficient time for those who needs to update their lists. Furthermore we will issue an email with all removed ticks to every user upon time of removal.

We hope that you enjoy using the services of Netfugl and will continue to do so in the future. If you have any question regarding the changes to the WP ranking or any other questions, suggestions or comments don’t hesitate to write to

The Netfugl team.

Artiklen er senest opdateret: søndag 19. juli 2009 kl. 12.54


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