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Mark Walker
postet: 6. december 2012 kl. 14:25  emne: Forsikring / Insurance 
I am travelling quite a lot in 2013 and was hoping somebody in the Netfugl world would be able to advise me on who is best to deal with when it comes to insuring my camera and lenses when I am traveling. My usual insurer (ALKA) do not offer this specific service.

ANy help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mark
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Steffen Holst
postet: 20. december 2012 kl. 21:50  emne: Re: Forsikring / Insurance 
Hi' Mark

I have earlier used Europæiske Tekniske Forsikring with great experience. They covered loss of my binocular (Leica 10x42), Canon camera and tele lens a few years ago after a fall accident on Færøerne. Today I have Europæiske Årsrejseforsikring. Not as expensive but sufficient for me now.

Steffen Holst
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Leif Schack-Nielsen
postet: 21. december 2012 kl. 9:32  emne: Re: Forsikring / Insurance 

For many years I have had an "All Risks" insurance for my photographic equipment in the company called Max Levig. I t is a part of the "Tryg" company.
It covers all over the World in all situations. I have had a couple of accidents - no problem! They just pay the repairing of the equiment.
Highly recommended!

good luck
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Mark Walker
postet: 29. december 2012 kl. 9:30  emne: Re: Forsikring / Insurance 
Thanks for the Info.

Best regards
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